. (kurva_tatarska) wrote in ru_childfree,

Happy Not A Father's Day! :)

Вдогонку посту о "Как я встретил вашу маму" пара открыток от Барни Стинсона :)

Счастливого Дня Не Отца!

"Mission Statement

Not A Father's Day is a holiday dedicated to the celebration and commemoration
of an oft forgotten segment of our country's population: the not fathers. These
brave men have chosen to remain childless, despite an avalanche of pressure,
expectations, and condemnation, propagated by the Saturday morning cartoon
loving elite, the Minivan Clan, and Maury Povich.

So on this day, all of humanity shall pause to remember that it is better to
change partners than diapers, that the only thing in a bottle should be beer,
and that the only reason to be up at 6am is because you haven't gone to sleep
the night before."

Может в камьюнити есть художественно одаренные личности, которые изобразят что-нибудь подобное для женщин? ;))
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